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Our History

Sound House Church really began years ago in a conversation between Chad Frontiera and Ryan Grabill that sounded like “Hey Ryan if you plant a church you better call me! It just has to be in California or I’m out!.” “Chad if it happens someday you’re the first person I am calling! Unless it’s Michigan.”

In early 2013 God was beginning to speak to Ryan and Anna about planting the church that has been on their hearts for years. It was clear that Long Beach was the city that God was calling them to move to and begin a new life with their 4 children. Re-visiting that conversation from years back, Ryan and Chad began the long distance process (including a few visits between Amarillo, TX and Long Beach, CA) to lay the foundation that would ultimately become Sound House Church.

It was July 20th, 2013 that Sound House had its first gathering of possible leaders and attenders. From there, a clear vision and fellowship has developed. The Future of this church is a blank canvas in which God has amazing plans to transform many lives in this city and beyond.


The Experience

We believe that it is the call of this house to seek and welcome the lost and un-churched to have an experience with the living God. We will go as the spirit leads to attract people to our services with the belief that they will be reconciled to God through Christ.

The Connection

The Connection is where the crowd population and general congregation have the opportunity to really engage in ways of discipleship and intentional spiritual growth. In our groups is where most of ministry will take place while at the same time relating with others and building a natural community.

The Purpose

We believe that people who find their purpose set out on mission. It’s here that we move from Core to becoming a specialist in what God has gifted and called us to as individuals. A Specialist understands that the power of grace has changed their life forever and now wants to change the world around them.






What Defines Sound House Church?




We desire that each person comes to find their identity in Christ, that the core of who they are is found through God Himself.

  • Galatians 2:20


Transformed Together

As we individually are transformed through our relationship with Christ, we as church will be transformed into a holy community.


Committed to Love

Christ said that more than anything else, the greatest law is to love God and others.  As a collection of different people we might have disagreements on theory or method, but our greatest commitment is to love each other as we love God.

  • Matthew 22:36-40


Ministry of Reconciliation

We strongly believe that the message of the gospel does more than just heavenly salvation, it has the power to bring healing here, on this earth. And we are called to be agents of healing in all areas of our lives.  The fruit of this church should not only be measured by people coming to God, but also by the marriages, families, friends, and even communities healed through the power of the Spirit.

  • 2 Corinthians 5:18-19


Missional Living

Christ did not just call pastors to go and make disciples, He called ALL Christians to spread his message to those who do not know Him.  We will always seek to build a church of ministers and missionaries.

  • Matthew 28


Divine Peace

One of God's most comforting promises is that when we bring our anxiety to Him, He will give us a peace which surpasses all understanding.  We see this as the beautiful conclusion to God's work within our lives; that when we walk in His Spirit we will experience His peace, and one day when we are fully united with Him in heaven we will find ultimate peace.

  • Philippians 4:6-7




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Ryan & Anna Grabill


Ryan, Anna and their four children (Beau 10, Ava 8, Sophia 6, and Jackson 3) moved to the Long Beach area in October of 2013 to plant Sound House Church. Ryan has been a Youth Pastor, Young Adults Pastor and Generational Pastor at churches in Washington, Michigan, California, and Texas. The Grabill's have a passion to reach people who are Un-Churched and help them continually grow in their spiritual identity. In February of 2014, God is fulfilling their dream of planting a church in Long Beach, CA. 

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Chad & Sarah Frontiera


Chad and Sarah are excited to be back in their hometown to be a part of the Sound House family.  They moved down to San Diego in 2008 where Chad attended Point Loma Nazarene University and Sarah went to University of California, San Diego.  In August of 2012 they were married and have been loving married life since! Chad and Sarah were both deeply involved at Grace Point Church for five years, where Chad worked first as the 5th& 6th grade Director and then the Junior High Director. Chad has a passion for theology and biblical scholarship.  He is continuing his studies at Fuller Theological Seminary where he is working on his Master of Divinity.

Christy Morffi




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Lee Cummings


Lee Cummings is the Lead Pastor of Radiant Church in Kalamazoo Michigan and Lead Team member of RLCI (Resurrection Life Churches International) a church planting organization based in Grand Rapids, MI. He and his wife Jane have been married for 20 years and have three teenage children, Ashley, Jared and Tiffany. Lee is a passionate Bible teacher, coach to next generation church leaders, and sought after conference speaker. He is currently writing his first book titled "Be Radiant : Become Who God Meant You To Be" that will be published in early 2013 by Charisma House. Lee enjoys good coffee, rare books and training for marathons and trail races. We are privileged to have Lee serving as one of our elders.

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Jimmy Witcher


Graduating from WTAMU in 1990 with a BS in Chemistry. From there he spent the next ten years climbing the corporate ladder until he became the president of Techspray. Under his leadership the owners successfully sold Techspray to ITW, a public company. From there Jimmy became the COO of Merrick Pet Care where he helped the owners sell the company to a private equity firm. Jimmy currently enjoys serving as the Executive Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo and has held that position since October 2011. He has been married to his wife Kim for over 24 years and is the father of Knox, Jas, and Blaze. We are privileged to have Jimmy serving as one of our elders. 


Six Month Celebration

Six Month Celebration