Your generosity is making an impact!

We believe in the power of generosity, what it does for the individual doing the giving, and for the purpose that the giving supports

Giving is another way we get to worship God! 

God instructs us, through the Bible, to give regularly, generously and sacrificially out of all that He gives us as part of our worship of Him. What an appropriate response to who He is and all He has done…an expression of gratitude, obedience, and reverence: worship

God is the ultimate giver. We see His generosity toward humanity all through the scriptures and in everyday life.  Giving to God reminds us that He has given us everything we have, and can be counted on to meet every need we will ever have. And The Church is His plan, through Jesus, to reconcile the world to himself. To bring healing through relationships, to support one another and encourage one another

So we give, to advance the gospel through His ministry




There is also the opportunity to give during service on Sundays at a giving boxes located in the back of the auditorium.

If mailing a check, please send it to 12005 VALLEY VIEW ST, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92845